Share Buzz It GProxy++ | Warcraft 3 Reconnection Tool Released!

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default Share Buzz It GProxy++ | Warcraft 3 Reconnection Tool Released!

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:19 am

Varlock, The developer of Ghost++ a popular Warcraft 3 hosting bot has released the first public test version of GProxy++ Reconnection tool for both Server & client along with it’s source code. This tool is based on Ghost++ allowing players to reconnect to the game after losing connection to the game host.
Keep in mind that GProxy++ is currently in beta and it is only available to use on GHost++ 17.0 servers. If you wanna test the reconnection tool you mustdownload GProxy++ and read the detailed FAQ Varlock posted on Codelain.
GProxy++ Warcraft 3 / DotA Reconnection tool is an open source project, It being integrated in other platforms such as: Garena, Ranked Gaming client, DotaPod etc.Descarca De aici
Here is the GProxy++ project source code of Server Side
client side

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